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My name is Scott Mannheimer. I am 38 years old. I am a recovered drug addict. I can honestly say I am now healed thanks to the services at Holistic Sanctuary. I called this place the Rolls Royce of rehab centers! It was an experience I was lucky enough to have as part of my journey to becoming clean. But my story began long before the Holistic Sanctuary.   In 1994, my grandfather died. Unfortunately, it happened one day before my birthday. At that very moment, my life changed beyond words could ever express. Shortly after this major loss in my life, we moved to Staten Island. I was 12 years old, angry, stubborn, and rebellious. On top of being a tough kid to deal with, I did not have the proper guidance. I began smoking weed and drinking alcohol at a young age. I eventually got into harder drugs like ecstasy, LSD, mushrooms, adderall, and really whatever I could get my hands on. For money, I did things that I shamefully and utterly regret today. I sold drugs, lots of them. I robbed my own uncle’s house multiple times. One day I got caught, and could have faced jail time. Luckily, my uncle, who wasn't happy with me at all, dropped the charges. I constantly stole jewelry and money from my parents. Again, whatever I had to do to feed my drug addiction, and equally dangerous and growing gambling habit. I hurt the ones close to me who I loved over and over. When you’re stuck in it, all you can care about is yourself. You cannot see past the simple, but overwhelming desire to  satisfy the addiction.. It is a selfish and scary place to be. And the ones who are there know this hole and crippling existence all too well. The drugs would then numb the emotional pain, and keep me there, continuing the cycle.


After realizing I could get the drugs legally, at cheaper price, things got even worse. I began going to doctors for pain medication (opiates), and Adderall (amphetamines). I went to multiple doctors and eventually got red flagged. This means they were on to the fact that I was abusing the system, while I was abusing myself and causing destruction, both in my life, and to people around me. I was in a very deep depression. I tried killing myself 9 times in car accidents. I still keep pictures of each of the 9 totaled vehicles. They serve as reminders of the dark and scary times of my life.   As I got older, I began to experience serious neck pain. I was 23. I just dealt with it the best I could, but it continued to the point where it became debilitating. In 2013, I saw a doctor who diagnosed me with Neck Spinal Fusion. He recommended surgery, and I went along with it. I just wanted to stop the pain, but in reality, I just ended up in more pain. I was a lab rat for the office. They ran tests on me and tried medication after medication. Playing the role as legal drug dealers. And with that, my drug addiction continued to spiral out of control until it finally got to a point where I knew I needed to either change my life, or I was really going to go through with ending it.   Close friends of mine tried their hardest to help, but I was in too deep, and things were likely to completely fly off the rails any second. I finally said to myself, I GIVE UP. But I knew that I needed something big. Something ground breaking. A brand new experience to shake up my life and finally pull myself out of the seemingly endless hole I dug. After a ton of research, I called my parents and let them know that I want to go to the holistic sanctuary in Baja, Mexico. I finally submitted. I tapped out for the first time in my fighting career, and went. 

Warm Up on the Beach

November of 2017. The day I arrived at Holistic Sanctuary. The beginning of my new life. Thanks to God, I have been clean since that day, without feeling any symptoms of withdrawal, or any urges of going back to my old life. I fell in love with that place, and the people there. Their views on life, their method. The staff themselves were so friendly and amazing that when I left, I honestly felt like they were family. Johnny the Healer was the best thing that ever happened to me. To this day, I remind him of that. I appreciate his knowledge, his love, and his passion to help people heal. He definitely did that for me. He was so impactful, he also inspired me to do the same for others. That is my new passion in life. I am now reborn and the sky is the limit for Scott Mannheimer.    In early 2018, after completing my life changing treatment, I moved to Pennsylvania. I noticed that I now saw life differently. It was invigorating. And I was looking for a new experience to fill this new hunger for life, love, and positivity I felt in my heart. In August of 2018, I found the Revolution Church. I learned about myself, and grew in supernatural, and spiritual ways. God noticed I did what I had to do for myself, and took me to places I never knew possible from there. He not only completely saved me, but showed me his unconditional love and blessed me with a ministry. The Hope Dealer Ministry in Kensington, Philadelphia. I now put all of my heart and soul into my interventions I do with the people who need it most!    I continue to pursue my dreams of telling my story to the world, in hopes of changing lives and having a motivating, positive, and uplifting effect on people looking for hope. I’m here for people in need. I truly want to help. I know the feeling. I was stuck, for a long time! And after decades of struggle, depravity, and hopelessness, I can finally say that I AM FREE!!! Keep your faith! Trust in hope! And trust in yourself!   Now is always the time to finally get yourself back on your feet, pursue life, love, happiness and reach your true potential!


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